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Soulful and imminently deep expression is what distinguishes Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt's interpretations. Astonishing technical supremacy and a remarkable presence of artistic inspiration are almost perfectly united. To describe his tone as “beautiful” would be an excessive understatement Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt is one of the leading cellists of his generation, of our time” Mstislav Rostropovitch

Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt proved himself to be a cellist of impeccable technique, poise and taste Yo-Yo Ma

Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt manages to carve out an individual identity, while demonstrating great virtuosity in the searingly intense performance. The gladiatorial hurdles are immaculately cleared, with great perception coupled with an acute er for the underlying orchestral writing... Clearly Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt proves to be both a brillant cellist and a perfect musical chameleon, tapping into all the contrasting aspects of Prokofiev’s inspired musical language The Strad

Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt is, without doubt, one of the leading cellist of his generation. His technique is exceptional. With his beautiful tone and his high musical intellect, Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt is exceptional in the world of young cellists. Siegfried Palm

It is my great honor to recommend Wolfgang Emanuel Schmidt. We also played some chamber music, and I found it a privilege to be his partner. He is a magnificent cellist, a searching musician, and a truly delightful colleague. Emanuel Ax

Thank you for making such wonderful music here in Cologne. Roger Moore

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